Wi-Fi spatial clusters

Published: 30 January 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/2pfc7jdyfj.2
Petr Kouril


The data consists of Wi-Fi scan records for 606 spatial clusters, represented by the circle of with 350m radius. Scan records contain information about recording time, spatial distance of the record from the cluster centre (metres) and normalized Wi-Fi signal strength for each detected MAS adress. Data for each cluster in a separate file, the number of columns (unique MACs) differs. Variable desription: "ts" - the number of seconds from the beginning of the 14-day measurement. 0 = beginning, 60*60*24*14 = 1209600 = end "macn" - the number of unique MACs in the scan "gpsn" - number of location points used for the determination of the scan location "d" - the distance from the place center, in meters "week" - the week of the measurement, first (1) or second (2) "m1" to "mn" - normalized Wi-Fi signal strength. 0 = no signal, 1 = max signal. "m" column for each MAC detected in cluster.



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Surveys, Place Learning