Mie scattering look-up table covering a broad range of scattering parameters

Published: 18 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2pjhn6vypc.1


We created a Mie scattering look-up table for a wide range of scattering parameters: 0.02<x<200, 0.022<m’<50 and 0<m”<100. The look-up table is very accurate, with an average relative error of <0.1% and is up to 3500 times faster to evaluate than using analytical expressions for the Mie scattering coefficients. The data consist of a Matlab® cell structure of griddedInterpolant functions, packaged in a single ‘.mat’ file. The following scattering efficiencies are included in the dataset: total extinction (griddedInterpolant{1}), total scattering (griddedInterpolant{2}), back-scattering (griddedInterpolant{3}) and forward scattering (griddedInterpolant{4}). For example, griddedInterpolant{2}(2,1.5,0.01) evaluates the total scattering for x=2, m’=1.5 and m”=0.01. For faster execution speed, scattering coefficients for multiple values of x, m’ and m” should be evaluated with a single call to griddedInterpolant by using vectors for x, m’ and m”. Corresponding author: Robert.furstenberg.civ@us.navy.mil


Steps to reproduce

The algorithm used to optimize the grid points in the look-up table will be published in an upcoming journal article.


US Naval Research Laboratory


Scattering, Light Scattering, Scattering of Particles, Scattering Problem