Data for: Long-term shifts in water quality show scale-dependent bioindicator responses across Russia - insights from 40 year-long bioindicator monitoring program

Published: 18 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2prnjw7sc8.1
Otso Ovaskainen,


Standardized bioindicator values for phytoplankton (F), zooplankton (Z), periphyton (P) and zoobenthos(B). Provided are the minimum and maximum values of the Saprobic Index (Sládeček, 1973) for F, Z and P and of the Trent/Biotic Index (Woodiwiss, 1964) for B. The Saprobic index correlates negatively with water quality while the Trent Index correlates positively with water quality. The spatial and environmental covariates are provided in the file covariates.csv and the bioindicator data in the file bioindicators.csv.



Water Quality, Aquatic Ecology, Bioindicators, Water Quality Assessment