Replication files for "Corruption and Reelection" (JCEC)

Published: 17 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2rb7x8tj4c.1
Vuk Vukovic


This file contains the full dataset necessary for replicating all the results of my paper "Corruption and Reelection" published in the Journal of Comparative Economics. The data contained here includes all corruption proxies extracted from the extensive dataset on procurement irregularities (available upon request), in addition to election results and a host of political, economic, and socio-demographic controls. It also contains a .do file with the full Stata code necessary to replicate the results.


Steps to reproduce

The replication files contain a full database necessary for replicating the results in Stata, a corresponding .do file, and an Excel file necessary for replicating Figure 2. In order to replicate the full results, simply run the .do file in Stata. NOTE: Figure 2 was not made in Stata but in Excel. A corresponding Excel file has been attached that shows how the figure was made.


University of Oxford


Political Economy, Public Procurement, Corruption, Economic Analysis of Election