Knowledge and attitudes about artificial intelligence in Cuban health professionals and students

Published: 24 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2rcd75nx7c.1


This cross-sectional descriptive study investigated the attitudes and knowledge of health professionals and students towards artificial intelligence (AI) in Cuba. A validated survey was used to gather data on demographics, AI resources, perceived knowledge, attitudes, confidence, and interest in AI policy. Ordinal regression was conducted to explore the influence of participant roles on attitudes and knowledge about AI.


Steps to reproduce

Upload the code from the RStudio Code.R file to RStudio. The dataframe for executing the codes is located in data1.xlsx. Install the corresponding RStudio packages and you're done.


Universidad Autonoma de Chile, Universidad de Ciencias Medicas de La Habana, Universitat Bern, Ajman University


Health Profession, Artificial Intelligence, Health, Medical Student, Knowledge, Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Survey