Impact of Climate Change on Green Roof Energy Performance in Oceanic Climates: A Simulation Dataset (2022-2050)

Published: 15 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2rj8ss5mpn.1
Abdollah Baghaei Daemei,


This dataset comprises two distinct components. The first section encompasses climate data adapted for climate change scenarios derived from the HadCM3 GCM A2 ensemble dataset. It includes essential variables such as Dry Bulb Temperature (DBT), Dew Point Temperature (DPT), Relative Humidity (RH), Atmospheric Pressure, Extraterrestrial Horizontal Radiation (ExtHoRad), Extraterrestrial Direct Radiation (ExtDiRad), Horizontal Infrared Radiation (HoInfRad), Global Horizontal Radiation (GlHoRad), Direct Normal Radiation (DirNoRad), Diffuse Horizontal Radiation (DifHoRad), Global Horizontal Illuminance (GlHoIll), Direct Normal Illuminance (DirNoIll), Diffuse Horizontal Illuminance (DifHoIll), Zenithal Luminance (ZenLum), Wind Direction (WindDir), Wind Speed (WindSp), Total Sky Cover (TotSkyCo), Opaque Sky Cover (OpSkyCo), Visibility (Visibili), Ceiling Height (Ceiling), Precipitable Water Overhead (PWO), Precipitable Water Column (PWC), Precipitation (Prec), Aerosol Optical Depth (AerOptD), Snow Depth (SnowD), and the Date of the Last Snowfall (LastSnow). These datasets are presented in Excel, including raw data, line charts, and boxplots. The second part of the dataset presents the results of simulations assessing the thermal performance of green roofs under two scenarios: the present scenario in 2022 and a future climate change projection for 2050. These simulations were conducted using the Design Builder software. This dataset is also provided in Excel format, featuring raw data, line charts, and boxplots. It compares conventional bare roofs and green roofs in distinct climate areas, specifically Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. This dataset's primary focus is on the year 2050, providing valuable insights into how climate change is expected to impact the energy performance of green roofs within oceanic climates.



Massey University


Energy Efficiency, Thermal Analysis, Climate Change, Green Roof, Built Environment