Data for risk-based lean performance assessment

Published: 27 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2rtdsj2f3p.1
Richard Hannis Ansah,


This dataset presents a delay-based lean performance assessment. A survey was designed based on analytic hierarchy process algorithm to measure the effectiveness of forty lean tools on four project delay sources. The survey focused on experts’ opinions, experiences and knowledge of construction project delays and lean management tools. The experts were asked to prioritize the selected alternatives (lean tools) and to distinguish in general the tools which are more or less important. The alternatives in each level were compared with each other using analytic hierarchy process and the values obtained are highlighted in one file (Lean_delay-based_data.xlsx) containing pairwise comparison, weights, normalization, priority values, random index, lambda(max), consistency index and consistency ratio. For every criterion (four main delay sources), pairwise comparisons were made for the alternatives, that is, forty lean tools. Synthesis of the weights from the pairwise comparisons was undertaken and their normalized values were calculated to obtain their respective eigenvalues.



Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Risk Management, Project Scheduling, Construction Project Management, Project Control