Supplementary file 2, Complete list of expressed genes and transcripts

Published: 13 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2rv6nhccht.1
Vinod Kumar


This study focuses on understanding how plants, specifically Arabidopsis thaliana, respond to two major pollutants, lead (Pb) and vanadium (V) found in oil contaminated land. While the effects of these pollutants on animals are well-studied, their impact on plants is not as clear. To fill this gap, we exposed Arabidopsis seedlings to Pb and V and analyzed the changes in gene expression using advanced sequencing and validated the data using RT PCR technique. The results showed that exposure to Pb and V led to significant changes in gene expression in Arabidopsis seedlings compared to untreated samples. Through Gene Ontology and pathway analysis, we identified several biological processes and pathways associated with the differentially expressed genes. Overall, this investigation sheds light on the molecular mechanisms underlying the toxicity and tolerance of Arabidopsis to Pb and V, providing valuable insights into how plants respond to heavy metal stress.



Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research




Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research