vTEC data

Published: 19 June 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/2s9rwgdsj6.2
Roberta Tozzi,


Equivalent vertical TEC (vTEC) data have been obtained by receiver-independent exchange (RINEX) files containing GPS code and carrier phase observables acquired every 30 seconds by applying the Ciraolo et al. (J. Geodesy, 2007) method. This dataset contains 8 1-year long time series of vTEC data for the following receiver-satellite pairs: receiver GEONET 3009-satellite 15, receiver GEONET 0221-satellite 26, receiver SuGAr LHW2-satellite 32, receiver SuGAr-BNON satellite 32, receiver SuGAr LEWK-satellite 20, receiver SuGAr UMLH-satellite 32, receiver IGS AREQ00PER-satellite 20, receiver IGS IQQE00CHL-satellite 23. Each file consists of eleven columns, from left to right: column 1: year (YYYY) column 2: month (MM) column 3: day (DD) column 4: time (hh:mm:ss) column 5: satellite number column 6: satellite azimuth (degree) column 7: satellite elevation (degree) column 8: geographic longitude (degree) column 9: geographic latitude (degree) column 10: sTEC (slant TEC, TECU) column 11: vTEC (vertical TEC, TECU) File names are [receiver name]_[year of observation].txt