Botanic species in the Brazilian caatinga biome in the National Park of Sete Cidades reserve.

Published: 10-01-2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/2sc4c24sc2.2
Francisco Vinicius Nascimento da Silva,
Nator Carvalho da Costa,
Arata Andrade Saraiva,
Waldemar Justo do Nascimento Neto,
Jose Vigno Moura Sousa,
Nuno Miguel Fonseca Ferreira


The data set contains 3027 images of five different species, images were generated in the National Park of Sete Cidades that is in a transition area between caatinga and cerrado in the middle northern Piauí region in Brazil. It has a rich and diverse native vegetation where the American Curatela (sambaíba), Himatanthus drasticus (janaguba), Annona crassiflora (araticum), Anacardium nanum (cajuí) and (Dimorphandra Mollis) faveira, local plants that were used in the confection this dataset. The set is divided into five directories are: "araticun, cajui, faveira, janaguba, sambaiba". are 418 pictures of araticun, 676 of cajui, 543 faveira, 809 janaguba, 581 sambaiba.