Fossil isotopic constraints (C, O and 87Sr/86Sr) on Miocene shallow marine incursions in Amazonia: Supplementary Materials

Published: 05-05-2021| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/2smgvjr7np.5
André Mateus Valentim Alvim,
Martin Roddaz,
Roberto Santos,
Maria Inês Feijó Ramos,
Pierre Olivier Antoine,
Dermeval Aparecido do Carmo,
Francisco Ricardo Negri,
Ana Paula Linhares


Title: Fossil isotopic constraints (C, O and 87Sr/86Sr) on Miocene shallow marine incursions in Western and Eastern Amazonia: Supplementary Materials Version: 4.0 Date of Release (version 1.0): 2020/06/05 Updated: 2020/04/05 Identifier doi: 10.17632/2smgvjr7np.5 Permalink: Contact information: Andre M. V. Alvim, Universidade de Brasilia, Darcy Ribeiro Campus, Asa Norte 70910-900 Brasilia, DF - Brazil, Dates of data collection: 11/2018-12/2019 This directory contains the following supplementary materials: • Supplementary Datafile 1 - Binary water mixing models • Table S1 - Sampling sites localities and geological info • Table S2 - Carbon, oxygen and strontium isotopic data • Table S3 - Stable isotope data statistics • Table Extra - Binary mixing models calculations attempts In manuscript results and discussion sections of the manuscript, these files have the following roles: • Supplementary Datafile 1 - Binary Mixing models using the strontium isotope data from from Table S2 of the manuscript in order to elaborate Figure 6; • Table S1 - Display geographic info of the sampling sites and geological details (Basin, Formation, lithology) of the rocks, which the fossil samples were recovered from; • Table S2 - Display geochemical and isotopic data obtained from laboratorial analyses of the fossil samples; • Table S3 - Display statistic tests (ANOVA and t-tests) using the stable isotopes data from from Table S2; • Table S4 - The mixing models attempts presented in the Supplementary Datafile 1 of the manuscript were calculated in this table using strontium isotopic data from the analyzed fossils presented in the manuscript.