Domestic water consumption in a habitation living lab in Sweden

Published: 21 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2stn5mwwkm.1
Jesper Knutsson


The HSB Habitation Living Lab is a 29 apartment residential complex built on the university campus. Some 32 students have their permanent residence in the lab, which is also an open sustainability research and innovation platform. The present data set contains one month of disaggredated water consumption data and a total of 20535 rows of data. Water consumption is measured for individual micro-consumption points. 24 of the apartments are organized in four clusters with six studio apartments, where each apartment has it own kitchen box and private WC, and shares a common kitchen area and two bathrooms. Apart from this there are five apartments consisting of 2-4 rooms each. The dwellers are mainly students in their early-mid twenties. No detailed demographics are available. The following fields are used: time: the time of the consumption in 24h format day_of_month: day of the month (1-31) weekday: weekday name (monday-sunday) value: the reported consumption, in cubic meters. room_id: randomly hashed string to identify room units location: type of room where water is consumed location_type: type of apartment/space water_type: hot or cold water point_of_consumption: type of water utility, e.g. shower, wc, sink NB: The resolution and minimum reported volume is one liter (0.001 cbm) and the reporting frequency of the water meters is 1/600 Hz. The last digit of the time has been randomized to prevent potential cross matching.



Chalmers tekniska hogskola Institutionen for Bygg- och miljoteknik


Water, Domestic Consumption