KVLCC2 roll decay

Published: 9 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/2stvkyngj9.2
Martin Alexandersson,
Martin Kjellberg


Roll decay tests for KVLCC2 Simulations with Fully non-linear potential flow (FNPF): fnpf_parameters.csv : contains meta data about the simulations. fnpf_kvlcc2_rolldecay_0kn.csv : invicid simulation at 0 knots fnpf_kvlcc2_rolldecay_15-5kn_const_large2.csv : invicid simualtion at 15.5 knots Hybrid method: fnpf_kvlcc2_rolldecay_15-5kn_ikeda_dev.csv : hybrid simulation at 15.5 knots Model tests: model_test_parameters.csv : meta data about the model tests model_test_units.csv : units in files Time series corresponding to the meta data. model_test_21337.csv model_test_21338.csv model_test_21340.csv


Steps to reproduce

The analysis is described in: https://github.com/martinlarsalbert/Prediction-of-roll-motion-using-fully-nonlinear-potential-flow-and-Ikedas-method