Schools' Implementation of Anti- bullying Act

Published: 15 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2tkvzbm97f.1
Maria Teresa Berces


Children spent most of their time in schools, Here, they need extra care during their schooling. Their ages are very crucial and sensitive because their experiences in school can break or make their total personality. It greatly affects their mental, emotional and social development. As an Educator, this is also big responsibility among learners in handling students with behavior and discipline problem. An Act Requiring All Elementary Schools To adopt Policies to prevent and address the acts of bullying in their institutions. This study aims to determine the status of the implementation of the rules and regulations on Anti bullying Act in schools. How schools implemented this policy to address learner’s curiosity and prevent bullying cases inside and outside the school campus. This will minimize child discrimination and gain self trust and confidence among students. How the school inform learners of possible consequence upon violation of this act. How they get to know their rights and duties among individuals. This act is a big help to learners who were victims of bullying because of their physical appearance, their life status, and any other reason behind. Bullying to ones child greatly affects their perspective in life. It can lead to self destruction, revenge and even more complicated problems. It develops anger, insecurities, hatred and violent children.


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