Persistent Trajectory Modulated Hippocampal Neurons Dataset

Published: 14 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2twf9f834v.1
Nat Kinsky


This repository contains processed imaging and behavioral data used in "Trajectory-modulated hippocampal neurons persist throughout memory-guided navigation" by Kinsky, N.K, Mau, W., Sullivan, D.W., Levy, S.J., Ruesch, E.A., and Hasselmo, M.E.. Nature Communications (2020). Due to its size, raw data is housed on a different repository and will be made available upon reasonable request, e-mail Nat Kinsky (nat[dot]kinsky[at]gmail[dot]com). See also the Recording and Upload Summary.xlsx file for immediate access to a subset of raw data. Folders are provided for each imaging session. In the case that two imaging sessions were performed, the first session's folder will have a '- 1" appended after the date and the 2nd will have a "- 2" appended. Recording and Upload Summary.xlsx - tracks all recording sessions with notes about each. See notes for session specific information, and contact nat[dot]kinsky[at]gmail[dot]com with any questions. MakeMouseSessionList.mat - contains additional information about each recording including the pixel_to_cm value necessary to convert the position data in xpos_interp and ypos_interp to centimeters. All variables are saved in the processed_minimum.mat MATLAB file. Animal, Date, Session: Mouse name, date of session, and session number on a given day. Verify these match the data folder before proceeding! PSAbool - n neurons x n timestamps (Sample Rate = 20 fps) boolean of putative spiking epochs (rising phase of calcium trace above a threshold attributed to that neuron by Tenaspis v4, Since the sample rate is 20fps for each movie, the first column corresponds to neuron activity at 0.05s, 2nd at 0.10s, etc. raw_trace - n neurons x n timestamps (Sample Rate = 20 fps) of fluorescence within each neuron ROI. NeuronImage - n neurons cell with boolean the size of the imaging window identifying which pixels are attributed to each neuron min_proj - single array the size of the imaging window with the minimum fluroescence values recorded in that imaging session. Used for between session alignment of neurons/imaging window. time_interp, xpos_interp, ypos_interp: arrays tracking behavioral time and x/y position in PIXELS interpolated to imaging timestamps. time_interp = 0.05 corresponds to the first value in PSAbool. Track dimension are 64cm (x direction) by 29cm (y direction) with each corridor ~7.5 cm wide. t_start_free: in order to break Mouse 4 out of a perseveration habit he developed halfway through the experiment he was forced to alternate at the beginning of a subset of sessions. This variable notes the time from the "time_interp" variable when the animal stopped being forced to alternate and was allowed to freely alternate.



Boston University


Neuroscience, Memory, Hippocampus, Calcium Imaging