Survey Data on Hidden Hunger Among 9038 High School Students from Anhui Province

Published: 15 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2v9hf95wdx.1
Yang Yang, Ning Zhang, Huake Cao, Yinan Du, Yuchen Zhang, Minao Wang


The data.xlsx contains the survey data on hidden hunger among 9038 high school students in Anhui Province. Questionnaire.png is the questionnaire used in the survey, and Scale.docx is the scale used to assess the hidden hunger risk among the surveyed subjects. Explanation of the column names in data.xlsx: Gender: Gender of the surveyed individuals, where 1 represents male and 2 represents female. Grade: Grade level of the surveyed individuals, where 1 represents the first year of high school, 2 represents the second year of high school, and 3 represents the third year of high school. Origin: Place of birth of the surveyed individuals, where 1 represents urban and 2 represents rural. Onlychild: Whether the surveyed individuals are only children, where 1 represents being an only child and 2 represents not being an only child. Faedu: Highest educational level attained by the father, where 1 represents incomplete elementary education, 2 represents elementary or junior high school, 3 represents high school or technical secondary school, 4 represents college or undergraduate, and 5 represents master's degree or above. Maedu: Highest educational level attained by the mother, using the same scale as Faedu. Cost: Approximate monthly expenditure on diet, where 1 represents less than 500 yuan, 2 represents 500-1000 yuan, 3 represents 1000-1500 yuan, and 4 represents more than 1500 yuan. Time: Daily sun exposure time, where 1 represents less than 30 minutes, 2 represents 30-60 minutes, 3 represents 60-90 minutes, and 4 represents more than 90 minutes. Q1-Q18 correspond to questions 1 to 18 in the Questionnaire.png, with the numbers corresponding to the order of the options, for example, 1 corresponds to A, 2 corresponds to B, and so on. Q19a-Q19f correspond to the 6 options for question 19 in Questionnaire.png. The n1food, n2veg, n3vegnub, n4fruit, n5fruitnub, n6milk, n7meat, n8fiber, n9nut, n10animal, n11ill, n12study respectively correspond to the entries in Scale.docx. Score is the risk score calculated through Scale.docx. Type is the hidden hunger risk status of the survey subject, 0 represents low risk, 1 represents high risk.