Test Problems' Data Sets

Published: 28 August 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/2vd7mpx94m.3
Amir Nourmohammadi


The first Sheet: Test problem data This data sets were generated as the test problems for evaluating the performance of the proposed mixed-integer programming model as well as the Genetic Algorithm hybridized with variable neighborhood search. The first, second and third columns show the problem number, the station number and the stations' demands in bins, respectively. The second sheet: GA-VNS best solution The details for the best-found solutions obtained by GA-VNS are reported. The first three columns show the problem characteristics. The columns numbered 1-30 the details of the solutions including the supermarket assignment (the first row) and the transport vehicle assignment (the second row) for each problem solved are reported. The results of the calculation for each term of the considered objective function are provided under the rest of columns. For this considered problem the number of supermarkets (NS), total distance for feeding stations from supermarkets (distance), total installation cost of supermarkets (TIC), total vehicle procurement cost (TVPS), total shipment cost (TSC) and total cost (TC) are reported, respectively.



Mathematical Modeling, Genetic Algorithm, Combinatorial Optimization, Variable Neighbourhood Search, Mixed Integer Programming, Logistics