Supplemental material for PhD thesis Clinical (glyco)proteomics

Published: 6 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2vff7732yp.1
Esther Willems


Supplemental material for PhD thesis "Clinical (glyco)proteomics: From pre-clinical discovery to translational diagnostics in infectious disease and complement deficiency". Chapter 1: Introduction and scope of this thesis Chapter 2: Biosynthetic homeostasis and resilience of the complement system in health and infectious disease Chapter 3: Quantitative multiplex profiling of the complement system to diagnose complement-mediated diseases Chapter 4: Semi-quantitative multiplex profiling of the complement system identifies associations of complement proteins with genetic variants and metabolites in age-related macular degeneration Chapter 5: Impact of infection on host protein glycosylation and the discovery of novel biomarkers to differentiate bacterial from viral infection Chapter 6: Discussion and future perspectives The full PhD thesis is available through the Radboud University Repository at © These supplementary data have been published previously with the original open access publications. Please cite the original publications when referring to these data.



Infectious Disease, Proteomics, Complement System, Glycosylation, Pre-Clinical Translational Research