Ginger essential oil weight yield and chemical composition yield data

Published: 17 February 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/2vn45wpddn.2
Nayana Jayasundara,


1. Raw data of hydro-distilled ginger essential oil (GEO) weight yeilds 2. Raw data of GLC chemical intensities of chemical compounds in GEO 3. Gas chromatography profiles/ Typical ginger chromatography profile 4. Statistical analysis files 5. Statistical analysis main out puts 6. Clavenger light oil arm illustration


Steps to reproduce

1. Dry ginger pieces of width 5mm length 6mm depth 2mm at 50 C in an oven until moisture content is 10-12% 2. Mix 100g of dried ginger pieces with 500ml water in a 1000ml two necked flat bottom round bottom flask 3. Fix a thermometer to one neck of the flat bottom flask and immerse it in the mixture. Let temperature come to 70C and maintain for about 15 min then increase to 80C and this is the distilling temperature 4. Dydro-distill the content using a clavenger light oil arm for 4 hours. 5. collect essential oil and add 0.5 g of anhydrous Sodium sulfate and keep for GC analysis


University of Peradeniya


Food Science, Analytical Chemistry, Food Chemistry