Published: 28 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2vv2trg9jb.1
Gaspar Mora-Navarro


TopoDelProp is a tool for managing geographic data and metadata of topographic delimitations The system maintains five layers of spatial data: Parcels: MultiPolygon layer with perimeters defining property Boundaries: LineString layer with independent parcel boundaries Boundary images: Point layer with the images of the singular points of each boundary Interior Elements: MultiPolygon layer with relevant items within the property, such as buildings, swimming pools, ... Easements: MultiPolygon layer with easements having the farm, such as passing, views, ... The database has some automatic procedures that prevent entering topologically wrong geometries, as boundaries, easements or interior elements outside the perimeter of the parcel, or boundary images outside the boundary to which they belong. For a detailed explanation visit Visit the geoportal, and click in any element. Folder content description: * databaseSqlCode Sql code to create new databases in other SRCs diferent of Spain. It creates tables, relations, field indexes, PL/PGsql and trigger functions. TopoDelProp plugin does not work with a database. Create a database with this code is a very complicate process. I am working to improve this. I can create your database and send you a database backup, ready for restore in PostGis. If you are interested in this please contact me ( * pyUPVBibQgis218Plugin Plugin to facilitate the PostgreSQL operations. Necessary to install it in order TopoDelProp plugin works. It contains classes and methods to connect, insert, delete and update operations. There is an HTML to show the classes documentation. * TopoDelPropQgis218Plugin Plugin to manage the geographic data and metadata of topographic properties delimitations * userManagement A Python 2.7 utility to manage TopoDelProp users. It allows create, delete enable and disable users. Links to videos in a poor English explaining the TopoDelProp tool en_1_geographic_metadata_problem_description en_2_topodelprop_system_description en_3_topodelprop_query_data en_4_introduce_data en_5_detailed_data_introduction_1 en_5_detailed_data_introduction_2 en_5_detailed_data_introduction_3 en_6_topology_explanation en_7_geoportal_geodelprop



Universitat Politecnica de Valencia


Free Software, Metadata, Cadastral