High-throughput mapping of long-range neuronal projection using in situ sequencing, Chen et al., dataset 4

Published: 4 October 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2w649fccnt.1
Xiaoyin Chen


Raw in situ sequencing data and other images for the paper of the same name. Part of four related datasets: 10.17632/mk82s9x82t.1 10.17632/g7kdxznt6w.1 10.17632/86wf7xfz5x.1 10.17632/2w649fccnt.1 These datasets demonstrate BARseq, a highly multiplexed projection mapping method based on in situ sequencing of RNA barcodes. These data further demonstrates the use of BARseq to correlate gene expression and projections at cellular resolution with high throughput, and the use of BARseq to map projections of Cre-labeled subpopulation of neurons. These datasets Also contain two single-cell RNAseq datasets. One single-cell RNAseq dataset identified four Intratelencephalic neuron subtypes in mouse auditory cortex. A second single-cell RNAseq dataset compared endogenous gene expression in barcoded vs. non-barcoded neurons and found that information about endogenous gene expression can be successfully recovered from the barcoded neurons. Description of files in the current dataset: Dataset 4: RNAseq analysis.zip: contains two datasets for reproducing the analysis of (1) transcriptomic clustering of non-barcoded neurons in the auditory cortex, and (2) comparison of barcoded vs. non-barcoded cells using single-cell RNAseq. additionalhelpers.zip: additional MATLAB helper functions that may be required to process BARseq datasets. XC91-234 images and processing script2.zip: part of the XC91 dataset. Unzip to the same folder to run scripts.