Data for: Genetic polymorphism under cyclical selection in long-lived species: the complex effect of age structure and maternal selection

Published: 5 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2wjfp32r5g.1
Oksana Zhdanova, Efim Frisman


I. The program Poly_map_2age produces maps classifying possibility of polymorphism maintenance for 2-age population under cyclical selection for two cases: (i) maternal selection (Eq. 5), (ii) simple gene (Eq. 6) in text format. a. Output notation: 0 and 1 are monomorphism, 3 is polymorphism, 4 is bistability region. b. To start: poly_map_2age.exe INP x_s.csv x_m.csv c. C++ cod (“poly_map_2age.CPP”), Input, and Output files examples are given in the current directory; II. Color_maps.R (script in R) transforms text output (“x_s.csv” and “x_m.csv”) to color image III. Poly_int_uniform.R (script in R) allows constructing figures with a. coexistence conditions for four- and three-year cycles with value variations of the parameter m. Separetedly for maternal selection (Eq. 2) and .simple gene (Eq. 1) b. coexistence conditions for N-year cycles at any fixed value of m.



Population Genetics, Population Ecology, Mathematical Biosciences