Importance of the Federal Tax Credit: Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Data Used in 2020–21 Analyses

Published: 21 May 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2x87p3krkv.1


These data are from a survey of participants in the California's Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, a statewide consumer cash rebate for the purchase or lease of a qualifying clean vehicle. The survey data were used in analyses of the importance of the federal tax credit in making it possible to acquire an EV. In the analyses, characteristics associated with a participant in the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project finding the tax credit extremely important in making it possible to acquire an EV were examined using descriptive statistics and binary logistic regression. Dominance analysis was performed with parsimonious versions of logistic regression models to rank-order importance of significant factors.



Policy, Electric Vehicles, Market Segmentation, Consumer Incentive, Tax Credit, Tax Incentive