Crop-country specific AWARE water scarcity factors for 160 crops and global coverage

Published: 18 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2x8z6sw249.1
Stephan Pfister


This work provides water scarcity estimates using the AWARE method, which is a recommended method to assess water scarcity footprints and water consumption in LCA The worksheets "ctry_crop_AWARE_CF" contains the AWARE CFs specific to the average crop growth patterns (regional and temporal distribution) for 160 crops for each country (details described below). These CFs can be applied to water consumption of crops grown in these countries, as it provides more specific evaluation than the country average AWARE CFs for agricultural production in Boulay et al. (2018). This data is e.g. used for the calculation of water scarcity result in Multi-Regional Input-Output (MRIO) assessments of UNEP's IRP Global Resource Outlook (Oberle et al. 2019), the new version of UNEP's SCP-HAT tool ( and by Cabernard et al. 2019 & 2020)


Steps to reproduce

Worksheets 1. ctry_crop_AWARE_CF This provides the resulting crop-country specific AWARE CF, considering monthly and regional distribution of growth patterns. It is the result of dividing the results of "ctry_crop_total AWARE water" by "ctry_crop_total blue water" 2. ctry_crop_total blue water Total irrigation water consumption (blue water) of crops and country. This iscaclulated from grid cell water consumption per kg crop and month, multiplied with corresponding production volumes This data is derived from Pfister and Bayer (2014) and Pfister and Bayer (2017). In a final step, grid cell data is summarized per country 3. ctry_crop_total AWARE water This multiplies the AWARE CF for each month on watershed level CF (native resolution) from Boulay et al. (2018) with the total irrigation water consumption aggregated per crop and watershed (split by country for transboundary watersheds as in Pfister and Bayer (2017)). Then, the monthly results per watershed are summed over the year and country to derive the total scarce water equivalents crop production in each country


Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich Departement Bau Umwelt und Geomatik


Life Cycle Assessment, Environment Footprint, Water Scarcity, Water Footprint