Mexican soccer fans

Published: 7 August 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/2xnwmfgd2t.2
Josefina C. Santana


Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico. A study by Nielsen (2019) indicates that 73% of the population is a fan of a LigaMx team, placing Mexico in sixth place worldwide in percentage of fans. Mexican football has the largest television audiences in the Americas (Brewster & Brewster, 2018). Additionally, stadium attendance is high; almost 4,000,000 spectators filled the stadiums last season. This, despite the fact that, in some parts of the world, attendance is declining. Numerous studies have sought to measure spectator satisfaction to understand why fans attend the stadium. One example, is that of Rosa Díaz, et al. (2012), but their measurement instruments include elements that are not always present in stadiums in Mexico, such as parking facilities or restaurants. We sought to fill a gap by providing a research instrument for use in countries where sports venues are not at the cutting edge of technology or comfort, or where they may be lacking in some basic services, such as parking facilities. The objective of our study was to evaluate an instrument that serves to measure the satisfaction of the Mexican spectator with the quality of the sporting event. It consists of a 16 item Likert scale questionnaire which explores fan's reasons for attending soccer matches. The questionnaire was distributed via Google Forms. We received 634 responses. Cronbach's alpha was .854. The responses are in Spanish.



Universidad Panamericana - Guadalajara


Customer Loyalty, Soccer, Statistical Analysis