Ultra-resolution images - demo package

Published: 8 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2xx36kdvmr.1
Maurizio Toscano,


Data show a ultra-resolution digital thin section, coming from the archaeological site of Baelo Claudia (Spain), in three versions: PPL, XPL, annotated. The annotated version shows the microfacies analysis and the location of close-ups and microphotographs presented in the linked article. To see the high-definition zoomable illustrations, open the file bc-ex-3-2.html Use the browser Firefox to open it, as Chrome and Safari both restrict running javascript locally. You can use this demo package to see the potential of high-definition zoomable thin sections and to explore the code and archives into the bc-ex-3-2 folder.


Steps to reproduce

To reproduce these data, please follow the steps described in the supplementary material of the linked article.


Boston University Department of Archaeology, University of Wollongong School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Universidad de Granada


Soil Micromorphology, Geoarchaeology