The Monthly Electricity Dataset for Turkey

Published: 24 October 2016| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2y4zftpmx4.1


This is a supplementary material for the following research paper: Tutun, S., Chou, C. A., & Canıyılmaz, E. (2015). A new forecasting framework for volatile behavior in net electricity consumption: A case study in Turkey. Energy, 93, 2406-2422. This dataset is the first collected electricity data as monthly data instead of annual data for forecasting of electricity energy in Turkey. The dataset of electricity in Turkey is used to forecast the net electricity consumption. The necessary data, including each variable and covering a period of 35 years (as monthly), is collected from the TEIAS (Turkish electricity transmission company). As independent factors, the transmitted energy, gross generation, imports, and exports, which have high efficiency. In order to make a better analysis of Turkey's situation, it is necessary to review indicators such as imports, gross generation, exports and transmitted energy. Finally, this dataset can be used efficiently for future energy forecasting analysis because it has more observations and preprocessed for forecasting.



Binghamton University


Energy Engineering, Time Series Analysis, Forecasting Model