Data for: Supersize me. Larger unit size increases children’s vegetable consumption, an example with carrots

Published: 16 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2y7b7xd8b8.1
Djin Gie Liem,
Catherine Russell


Overall, the consumption of whole carrots (median intake: 39g after 10 minutes) was significantly higher (t(51)=-2.3, p=0.02), than the consumption of diced carrots (median intake: 26g after 10 minutes), and trended towards being higher after 90 minutes (median intake whole: 126g, median intake diced: 66g). The majority of children (67%) consumed more whole than diced carrots with the increase in consumption being on average 75% greater when carrots were presented whole as opposed to diced. Although liking of carrots was significantly correlated with consumption (diced: r=0.63, p<0.0001; whole r=0.51, p<0.0001), a difference in liking or a change in liking during consumption could not explain the difference between the consumption of diced and whole carrots.