hCINAP controls lineage differentiation of embryonic stem cells by regulating NEDD4 liquid-liquid phase separation-mediated YAP1 activation

Published: 30 November 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2y7zpkwbcj.1
Ruipeng Zhuge


In the present study, we demonstrate that YAP1 is activated by NEDD4-LLPS during mESCs differentiation to ectoderm layers, and that mCINAP determines the differentiation fates of mESCs by regulating NEDD4 LLPS-mediated YAP1 activation. mCINAP depletion promotes partitioning of cytoplasmic NEDD4 condensates with NLK and YAP1 proteins, thereby promoting YAP1 activation by enhancing its phosphorylation at Ser128. Thus, activation of YAP1 by mCINAP depletion impairs mESCs differentiation into the endoderm lineage. These findings suggest that hCINAP is an important negative regulator of YAP1 and is essential for ESC lineage differentiation. This dataset contains the raw WB data of our study.



Peking University


Western Blot