Data for: Abundance Measurements of Titan’s Stratospheric HCN, HC3N, C3H4, and CH3CN from ALMA Observations

Published: 5 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2ychd8nnr3.1
Alexander Thelen


Data files each contain a single abundance profile of HC3N, C3H4, CH3CN, or one of the two HCN isotopes: HC15N or H13CN; the latter two profiles have not been scaled by an isotope ratio value to represent HCN, as in the manuscript. Each file corresponds to either disk-averaged (_da) results, or spatially resolved profiles from North (48 N), Center (21 N), or South (16 S) retrievals (_n, _c, and _s, respectively). Abundance profiles cover the approximate altitudes where ALMA sensitivity allows for accurate retrievals: 50-550 km for HC3N, C3H4, and HCN isotopes, and 150-550 km for CH3CN. File column format is as follows: altitude (km), pressure (mbar), abundance.



Planetary Sciences, Radio Astronomy