Geometric measurement of the surface of a v-bend during multi-scan laser forming

Published: 14 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2ysx86njwg.1
Anders Thomsen,


The data describes the measurement of a v-bend shape formed during multi-scan laser forming. The purpose of the measurements was to determine the dynamic response during laser forming of a v-bend. A measurement scanner was used to measure the height of a line perpendicular to the heating scan line of a laser during laser forming. In order to estimate a surface, 105 samples were made with identical settings with the measurement scanner moved along the heating scan line between samples. A total of 21 positions along the heating scan line were measured. Each position was measured using 5 samples. Due to a memory problem, the measurement scanner could only measure about 3.12 seconds at a time. The measurement scanner is started slightly before each heating scan line starts. Furthermore, each heating scan line is split into its own text file in the data set. This data set contains 21 folders, one for each position of the measurement scanner along the heating scan line. The folders are named as 'ymm', where y is the distance from the trailing edge of the heating scan line, '_' is used instead of decimals here. Each folder contains 30 text files, 6 for each of the samples used, structured as (x, y, z, t). Each file is named as 'sample_i_plate_j_scannumber_k.txt', where i is the sample number (1-5) at this position, j is the plate number (1 or 2), k is the scan number (1-6). Scan number 6 does not contain any heating, but is set as a final measurement of about 60 seconds after forming. Warning: The unzipped data fill 51.6 GB


Steps to reproduce

The laser is used to create a v-bend shape with a full clamp in one end. The laser forming settings used: Laser power - 730 W Scan speed - 6000 mm/min Laser Diameter - 3 mm Dwell time - 60 seconds The laser used IPG YLS-3000 SM laser used in continuous mode with a modified HighYag processing head. Focal length - 470 mm Collimated beam diameter - 11.05 mm Beam quality - 1.2 M2 Wave length - 1076 nm Sample dimensions - 125x100x0.5 mm3 The clamp holds the first 25 mm, creating a free surface of 100x100x0.5 mm3 Material is AISI 304 stainless steel The samples were cut from two sheets. Each position of the laser scanner required five samples, so three samples from the first sheet and two from the second sheet was used for each position. The measurement were performed with SICK TriSpector 1008 Wavelength - 660 mm Scan frequency - 800 Hz Scan length - 2500 px Scan width - 880 px Scan height - 760 px The measurement scanner was placed at an angle due to geometric constraints in the setup. The data reported here are rotated to fit with the incident plane of the process laser.


Aalborg Universitet


Laser, Metal Forming, Local Heating