Adaptation of Proactive Career Behavior Questionnaire to distance undergraduate students

Published: 29 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2yw2z64sck.1
Miguel Bernabé


The objective of the present study is to adapt the Proactive Career Behavior questionnaire by Strauss et al. (2012) in Spanish distance higher education students. Methodology. To that end, the questionnaire is administered to 934 undergraduates in education online platform. The factorial structure, validity and reliability of the questionnaire are analyzed, as well as the invariance of the scale as a function of gender. Results. The results obtained through SEM confirm the tetra-factorial distribution of proactivity about a professional career. Its constituent factors are named: career planning, proactive behavior skill development, career consultation, and network building. Conclusion. The Spanish version of the questionnaire presents adequate levels of reliability and validity in men and women, and variables such as resilience, personal initiative, and future orientation were associated with proactive behavior on the part of students in the study.