Data for: An analysis of cumulative risks based on biomonitoring data for six phthalates using the Maximum Cumulative Ratio

Published: 29-01-2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/2z8c66h6s4.2
Paul Price,
Jeanette Reyes


There are three files. Reyes_EnvironInter_Phthalates_MCR.CSV - Provides the raw data downloaded from NHANES and calculated findings (including dose, hazard quotients, hazard indices, and MCR values) for each individual considered in the analysis. Reyes_EnvironInter_Phthalates_MCR_definitions.csv - Provides definitions for the parameters names used in Reyes_EnvironInter_Phthalates_MCR.CSV. Reyes_EnvironInter_Phthalates_metabolites.csv - Provides additional data used to determine the doses of metabolites.