Data for "Monetary and Fiscal Policy Transmission in Poland"

Published: 19 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2zssxjy66x.1
Alfred Haug


Article link: The data used in the paper “Monetary and Fiscal Policy Transmission in Poland” by Alfred A. Haug, Tomasz Jędrzejowicz and Anna Sznajderska is provided in an Excel file with various sheets. Please cite the paper if you use any of the data. Use is at own risk and no guarantees are given. There are two main sheets. The first sheet contains the macro series for the period from 1998-2012, with updates for 2013. The second sheet is the one with the narrative fiscal measures, including the impact of the measures in Polish currency (PLN) in millions and their transformation into GDP ratios until 2012. The other sheets contain background information, used, e.g., for calculations of elasticities of fiscal variables.



Applied Economics