Gut microbiota modulated by CiLi (Rosa roxburghii Tratt.) polyphenols improves colitis through microbe-lipid mediator-immunity axis

Published: 12 March 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/2ztcksbwcy.2
huanzhi yang


Sample collection Five-week-old male C57BL/6J mice were purchased from Beijing Vital River Laboratory Animal Science and Technology Co. (Beijing, China) and kept in a standard facility for specific pathogen-free animals with a light and dark cycle of 12 h. Animal experiments were conducted in accordance with the protocols approved by the Animal Care and Ethics Committee of China Agricultural University (No. AW32602202-4-2). Treatment of DSS-induced colitis mice with CL_PP CL_PP (100 mg/kg) were orally administered for 4 weeks, and 2.5% DSS was added to the drinking water for 7 days to induce acute colitis during the last week. Body weight and DAI were measured daily during the DSS treatment. Blood was collected from the eyeball in EDTA anticoagulant tubes and centrifuged to obtain plasma. Treatment of antibiotic-treated mice with CL_PP The mice were given a mixture of antibiotic cocktail (100 mg/L neomycin, 50 mg/L streptomycin, 100 mg/L penicillin, 50 mg/L vancomycin and 100 mg/L metronidazole) in drinking water during the whole experiment. After 2 weeks, the mice were divided into two groups, and CL_PP or PBS was orally administered every day for 3 weeks. Colitis was induced by treatment with 2.5% DSS in the drinking water for 7 days. Treatment of DSS-induced colitis mice with CL_PP_FMT Mice were divided into 4 groups (the PBS, PBS_FMT, CL_PP, and CL_PP_FMT groups). The two groups (the PBS_FMT and CL_PP_FMT groups) were treated with the antibiotic cocktail mentioned above for 2 weeks. The feces of mice in the PBS and CL_PP groups were collected, and the homogenate was diluted, filtered through a 70 μm filter and subsequently subjected to FMT. The final concentration was 50 mg of feces/mL. After 2 weeks of fecal treatment, 2.5% DSS solution was added to the drinking water of the mice in the PBS_FMT group and CL_PP_FMT group to induce colitis.



China Agricultural University


Analytical Chemistry in Food Science


National Natural Science Foundation of China