Aspire data set

Published: 13 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/322bbdrwmy.1
Rajesh Raghunathan


A four factor Aspire model consisting of benefits, nature of work, employer value, and employer visibility is tested using data collected from undergraduate and postgraduate students from an higher education technical institute in India over a period of five years. Data was collected using google form. The data set contains 1431 responses. Column C to H contains student's career, gender, program, specialization and graduating year information. Column I to AB contains twenty Aspire model attributes. Column AD to BB contains 25 recruiter ratings. In both cases a five point Likert scale is used. The overall sample was randomly split into two subsamples for the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and the confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). Sample 1 (n = 697) numbered EFA1 to EFA697 is used for the EFA and sample 2 (n = 734) numbered CFA1 to CFA734 is used for the CFA.


Steps to reproduce

1. Google forms used for data collection. 2. Exploratory factor analysis done to identify Aspire factors. 3. Confirmatory factor analysis done to develop four factor Aspire model. Used structural equation modelling procedure in IBM SPSS AMOS to check for reliability, validity and model fitness.


Management, Career Development, Graduate Student, Multivariate Statistics