HD in He generalized cross sections

Published: 13-10-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/32jjp9fmgc.1
Raul Martinez,
Dionisio Bermejo,
Piotr Wcislo


Supplementary material for : Line-shape parameters for the first rotational lines of HD in He By Franck Thibault, Raul Martinez, Dionisio Bermejo and Piotr Wcislo Article submitted to Molecular Astrophysics (oct. 2019). Please read the SupMat_MolecularAstrophysics.pdf file. Data for deriving line shapes parameters for the pure rotational R(0-3) and S(0-2) lines of HD perturbed by helium. Kinetic energy dependent pressure broadening and shift cross sections. Complex Dicke cross sections.. Associated speed dependent parameters at 77, 195 and room T. Thermally averaged parameters for selected temperatures between 10 and 500 K, including pressure broadening and shift coefficients and complex Dicke frequency of velocity changing collisions (nu_opt).