Data for: Potential to enhance CO2 flooding in low permeability reservoirs by alcohol and surfactant as co-solvents

Published: 27 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/33m6g7t29c.1
Yefei Wang


This work is aimed at finding an excellent chemical modifier to enhance the effect of CO2 flooding in low-permeability reservoirs. Six chemical modifiers (water, ethanol, TX45, TX100, TX45/ethanol, and TX100/ethanol) were employed to modify the performance of pure CO2 in displacing crude oil from low-permeability reservoirs. Their ability to enhance oil extraction and recovery were the two main areas focused on. It is found that, of six modifiers, TX45/ethanol enhanced oil-extraction performance the most. CO2/TX45/ethanol recovered 13.8% more non-bypassed oil than pure CO2 and is a good candidate to replace the latter. For the bypassed oil cases, both CO2/TX45/ethanol and pure CO2 soaking removed poor amounts of bypassed oil. Fortunately, huff-n-puff using CO2/TX45/ethanol was very effective and generally outperformed pure CO2 depending on pressure depletion.



Petroleum Engineering