Data for: Geomorphological controls in coastal response under projected sea-level rise at an oceanic island: Trindade, Brazil

Published: 05-04-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/33mkhw2737.1
Walkiria Olsen,
Salette Amaral de Figueiredo,
lauro Calliari


Database used for coastal simulations in the RanSTM (Attention! RAW DATA: it does not represent the input format required by the model). The archive (.xlsx) is organized in five worksheets, each one containing the information(*) of a specific beach of Trindade Island: Andradas, Cabritas, Calheta, Tartarugas, and Vermelha. (*) Topographic and bathymetric data; substrate classification data. Obs: distances and elevations/depths are given in meters.