Violence and burnout in health care emergency workers database

Published: 3 November 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/34d276x3h5.1
Rosa Jimenez,
Vivienne C. Bachelet,
Patricio Gomolan,
Luia Alvaro Lefio,
Matías Goyenechea


This is the Dataset of the study published with the title: “Violence and burnout in health care emergency workers in Santiago, Chile: A survey-based cross-sectional study” in International Emergency Nursing. This study aims to explore the incidence of violence and burnout in emergency services of the Metropolitan Region of Chile, and associations with workers´ characteristics and workplace conditions. Violence-burnout association is also explored. The dataset contains two pages: 1) Data codified with 56 fields and 566 lines (one line for headings), 2) Code meaning with four columns and 332 lines.



Emergency Department, Violence, Burnout