RCCPAC: A parallel relativistic coupled-cluster program for closed-shell atoms and ions in FORTRAN

Published: 8 December 2016| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/34rwtn27nb.1


We report the development of a parallel FORTRAN code, RCCPAC, to solve the relativistic coupled-cluster equations for closed-shell and one-valence atoms and ions. The parallelization is implemented through the use of message passing interface, which is suitable for distributed memory computers. The coupled-cluster equations are defined in terms of the reduced matrix elements, and solved iteratively using Jacobi method. The ground and excited states coupled-cluster wave functions obtained from the code could be used to compute different properties of closed-shell and one-valence atom or ion. As an example we compute the ground state correlation energy, attachment energies, E1 reduced matrix elements and hyperfine structure constants.



Natural Sciences