Atomic Mass – Energy-Primary Colour

Published: 1 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/358bfdjvwg.1


Lot of out of text question arise in childhood mind during study in between different problems. Like – E=mc2 ; then ,what is the relation of E (energy) with “c2”? Different food item, Bettery;etc. have energy; in which “c2 or,the reation of the speed of ligft with it , or,why the orbit of electron of an Atom is like this etc. The calculations or, formulae which have shown in this is based on Every element are created from the collaboration of different energy. This energy known as heat energy, magnetic energy , light energy etc.


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Today , the whole world is dependent on science. We are indebted to those scientist who given new direction to our knowledge by doing hard work relentlessly day by day .I am making out some investigations after checking out some contributions by them.These investigations are very small and nothing. Here we get all calculation’s also considered original or base or origin number has taken ,for examp- mass of electron 9 x 10^-29 gm…one charge is 1.602 x 10^-19 culamb, -13 electro volt in that place 9 unit,1.602 unit, 13 unit ext.ext. has been kept as a unit. Today,we make different units in multiple of 10 or divisible to 10 for easy understanding. But it should be said that I am also to take the previous count only for returning to principal unit,or to make it equal with present unit. [ LET US SEE THE MATTER UNDER MAGNIFYING GLASS IN MAGNIFIED POSITION for easy understanding ] THE TROPIC OF INVESTIGATION :TO PROVED :- (A)Visible light and atoms different quantum digit ,wave length, frequency, charge, energy, orbit, (B) Original or main color is four “Red”& “Yellow” (T1 group), “Green”& “Blue” (T2 group) . (C) The proof of my discovered rules – (energy or eV =frequency x 0.413334,)& (Mass x charge = eV) etc. By this we can make out the wave length ,frequency, or shall make out the count directly. (D) The mother number or mass, which is shown as “L”,


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