Published: 28 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/35jrmwd4fw.1
Dorian Nedelcu,


PyChart – A Python module for analysis and visual view of 2D/3D Charts The PyChart module (aimed at analysis and visual view of 2D/3D Charts) was created with the help of free and Open Source resources, using Python as a programming language and wx.Python as a graphical user interface toolkit. The chart data is imported from a Excel/ CSV file with a template structure and is drawn in the PyChart module as XY or XYZ curves similar with Excel scatter with smooth lines and markers style. The main functions of the charts are activated using the toolbar. The module is provided with zooming instruments (fit, pan, zoom in, zoom out), cubic spline curves interpolation, chart intersection with constant X, Y or Z values, visual follow of the 2D chart points to view coordinates, export of data in Windows Clipboard, Excel or Microsoft Word format and saving the chart as a image file.



Application Software