Published: 25 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/35rgw9xm7b.1


EREON (Ets-Related European ONtology) is an ontology conceptualizing domains related to the European ETS (Emissions Trading System). The ETS-related ontology concerns a multi-disciplinary domain spanning from the societal system to the environment, the production system, the market, the low-carbon technologies, and the energy. This is reflected in EREON’s core structure, i.e., the EREON upper level ontology, that consists of a few foundational ETS-related concepts (upper level or meta-concepts) as semantic hooks for the various domains to cover. Starting from these base concepts, an incremental and collaborative ontology building process can be put in place through extension operations, i.e., meronimy (e.g., the chemical sector is part of the Emissions Trading System) and specialization (e.g., the Iron & Steel Industrial Sector is an ETS Sector) relationships. The foundational concepts have been grouped in three views. Namely, the contextual view is to represent the status of ETS-related entities to be used for collection, integration and sharing of ETS-related data coming from different sources. The scenario view is to represent possible temporal evolutions of such entities, which can be obtained by applying scenarios-based models from societal, economic, energetic and environmental studies. The policy making view is to represent the policy definition processes and policies evaluation through qualitative and quantitative analyses. It should be noted that these views are not disjoint and, consequently, overlapping exists, consisting in a set of merging concepts (e.g., stakeholder, impact) and connecting together the different scopes of the ontology. References: - Cecilia Camporeale, Antonio De Nicola, Maria Luisa Villani: Semantics-based services for a low carbon society: An application on emissions trading system data and scenarios management. Environ. Model. Softw. 64: 124-142. (2015) - Umberto Ciorba, Antonio De Nicola, Stefano La Malfa, Tiziano Pignatelli, Vittorio Rosato, Maria Luisa Villani: Towards ontological foundations of knowledge related to the emissions trading system. EDBT/ICDT Workshops 2013: 256-261. - Cecilia Camporeale, Antonio De Nicola, Vittorio Rosato, Maria Luisa Villani, Umberto Ciorba: Semantic Modeling of the Emissions Trading System. DEXA Workshops 2013: 259-263 (



Ontology, Climate Change, European Union Emission Trading System