In Focus: Effects of an Opportune Gift on Tipping

Published: 20 May 2021| Version 6 | DOI: 10.17632/35tdj6cbd8.6


These are the raw data as .sav files used in the manuscript "In Focus: Effects of an Opportune Gift on Tipping " by Frederic Hilkenmeier & Sascha Hoffmann (DOI: 10.1177/10963480211019841) The present study analyzes the effect on tipping when a gift is offered by servers, and shows that customers generously reciprocate that gift by significantly increasing gratuity. Making the norm of reciprocity focal by offering the identical gift at an opportunity to directly reciprocate, i.e. concurrently with bringing the bill, even doubles this effect, indicating that service personnel can substantially - and effortlessly - raise their tips just by leveraging this reciprocity norm. Experiment 1: data: Experiment_1_Full.sav Statistical Analysis: ANCOVA IV: Experimental Condition DV: Gratuity_percentage Covariate: Billsize As described in the manuscript, we also provide a Reduced Dataset with only 54 subjects (dinner parties) per condition (Experiment_1_Reduced.sav). Experiment 2: data: Experiment_2.sav IV: Experimental Condition DV: Gratuity_percentage Covariates: Billsize, Temperature, workday/weekend, lunch/dinner, alcohol consumption, number of adults, children, gender of person paying



Hochschule Fresenius - Standort Hamburg


Psychology, Social Psychology, Hospitality, Applied Social Psychology