Data:Short Circuit 72Ah Li-Ion Battery & Battery Management Controller

Published: 22 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/364p44vtj2.1
Abhishek Bansal


This dataset is in support of my research. I had earlier got remark by someone- If this is my work or stolen or copied paste or other ... remark, from some graduate/pg/plagiarised phd degree holder. As I wont later entertain any question/remark and I will stop replying lateron (which may start to happen next week or next year). I have uploaded this for free download on this open-access myself.


Steps to reproduce

Pls see Abhishek Bansal, August 25, 2019, "Data:Short Circuit 72Ah Li-Ion Battery & BMC", IEEE Dataport, doi:


Controller Tuning, Explosion, Battery Charging, Lithium Battery, Lithium, Fire Detection, Multiloop Controller, Lithium Batteries Systems, Lithium Battery State-of-Charge, Lithium Batteries State-of-Health, Lithium Batteries High Temperature, Explosive, Blowout, Li-CO2 Battery, Lithium Metal Battery, Lithium Dendrite, Lithium Ion


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