Fluid-structure interaction methodology to analyse flutter effect on supersonic sheet metal wing design

Published: 11 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/36h7psr4mk.1
VARUNKUMAR K S, Gangamkote Nikhil N


Computational fluid dynamics and Static structural analysis were performed on the customized sheet metal design of an aircraft wing flying at an altitude of 1500m from the surface of the earth with Mach 2 in order to study the structural behaviour of wing especially to observe the flutter effect/self exciting oscillation under steady aerodynamic condition. The analysis performed here were of steady aerodynamic conditions. This data provides a vivid picture on how the analysis has been performed from the scratch. The data enclosed in this files ensure precision in its results. The results obtained by flutter analyses under steady aerodynamic condition was similar to the ones tested under Unsteady aerodynamic conditions.


Steps to reproduce

The software used to undergo this CFD (Fluid flow fluent) analysis and coupled Static structural analyses is ANSYS. Fluid flow fluent is used to analyse the flow past the wing. Th fluid considered was ideal gas. As the ideal gas flows over the wing, the required static pressure contours, velocity Mach and magnitude contours, Shock wave propagation alongside the airfoil, and the vortices being produced are visualized. This is followed by Static structural setup which fetches us the results of structural importance such as Total deformation, Equivalent strain, Von-mises stress once after integrating the fluent results with this static structural solver. This is done by system coupling in ANSYS. The interaction here is termed as FSI Fluid Structure Interaction. The flutter effect established in this analysis is for a sheet metal design which is not used in practical application. But this approach can be put forth to many different airfoils of real time application.


Aeronautics, Aeroelasticity, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Structural Analysis, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Computational Aerodynamics, Flutter Test