Published: 3 August 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/36yv9ghv2w.3
Laura Escobar, Alvaro Pedraza


We study the influence from social interactions on equity trading. Using unique data on stock transactions, we exploit the quasi-random assignment of students to classrooms in a financial training program to identify how peer experience affects investor behavior. We find that individuals react more to peer gains than to peer losses. Students enrolled in courses where peers have positive outcomes: (i) are more likely to start trading, (ii) purchase similar stocks as their classmates, and (iii) are disproportionally attracted to stocks with extreme returns. These stocks have low subsequent returns, and new investors reacting to peer gains underperform other investors. Escobar, Laura; Pedraza, Alvaro (2023). Active Trading and (Poor) Performance: The Social Transmission Channel


Steps to reproduce

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Finance, Behavioral Finance, Financial Economics of Economic System