Figaro-tresses: a dataset for evaluating hair assembly features before and after cosmetic treatment (v2020)

Published: 11 June 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/37dkygd6sm.2
, Sergio Benini


The published database is composed of 1,080 images taken from 120 hair tresses made of medium blond, fine Caucasian hair with the aim to facilitate quantitative and qualitative studies about shampoo and conditioner efficacies. Two types of hair tresses were used: Caucasian hair which had not been subjected to oxidation with bleaching agents – virgin (60 tresses); and Caucasian hair, previously subjected to light oxidative bleaching – lightly bleached (remaining 60 tresses). Since cosmetic products such as shampoos and conditioners are often designed to subtly augment hair assembly features via the carefully balanced cumulative effects of deposited actives, each tress was subjected to consecutive washing+conditioning+drying cycles referred to as cosmetic treatment. The shampoo and conditioner used for this project were specifically selected for their suitability for fine hair. Each tress was photographed at three different time points: before the cosmetic treatment; after two cosmetic treatments, and after an additional third cosmetic treatment. At each timepoint, each tress was photographed from three different angles (-45, 0, and +45 degrees), resulting in a total number of nine images for each tress. For each image in the database, we also provide a corresponding hair segmentation mask, which identifies the hair location area in the original image.



London College of Fashion


Cosmetics, Hair, Fiber, Body Image