Dataset for ambient noise tomography of Andi Geothermal Field in central Zhejiang province, China

Published: 8 April 2021| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/382frvcy6r.4
Changjiang Zhou,


Ambient noise dataset collected from Andi town area with the diameter of survey zone expands as close as 5km. Total 192 nodes (Fairfield Nodal Zland-3C) equipped with 5Hz three-component geophones were used to build a dense seismic network with the average adjacent station interval about 300m. The raw noise dataset was firstly low pass filtered and then decimated to 50Hz. For each station, the continuous noise records were divided into 6945 segments using 1-min-long time windows without overlap. Only Vertical component ambient noise records were used to retrieve fundamental-mode Rayleigh wave dispersion signals and travel-time data. These datasets drive the tomographic studies of geothermal filed. The datasets consist of four parts: 1, The decimated ambient noise records of eight stations used for spectrograms saved in matlab format; 2, Dispersion energy matrix of all station pairs saved in matlab format; 3, Travel time data were listed in three column (source, receiver, time respectively); 4, Coordinates of all stations in our seismic networks. More data used in Cheng et al., 2021 (High-resolution ambient noise imaging of geothermal reservoir using 3C dense seismic nodal array and ultra-short observation) could be addressed to F. Cheng (email:



Zhejiang University - Yuquan Campus


Geophysics, Tomography, Surface Wave